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EARLY ACCESS! ch02.pg02!

Hello All!

ch02.pg02 [pg54]. was sponsored by: alpestris-flowers @ tumblr (8hr.)

Finally another page! Thanks to the incredibly generous sponsor! I'm sure I can go faster: I just kept changing my mind about the layout with this one! And the dialogue. [But I only count the actual comic drawing (sketching) when someone Sponsors an hr.]. The general gist is there, in my head! It's just the dialogue and journey details that are on an, "on the fly" process for now. The positives and negatives of that are ...interesting.

  • Quick reminder: Once the 'early access' page reaches 5 pages, THEN it'll be released 1pg/week publicly.


Want to sponsor time I can spend toward i.p.m. (or any other specific original fydbac comic?) Simply join any level at !

Thanks so much for your interest in this comic! Sorry it's so slow coming, but I'll def try my best to carve that needed time and gain more Benefit members!


Jainai J. | fydbac

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