. long term projects .

. At least 3 volumes. Rating | R - nsfw . most - least active .

status . chapter 02 .

existentialism . dualism

A story of how your emotions don't have time for your bullshit, cause they got their own problems. OR, The grey areas of "good vs. evil" [positive nihilism rep]

status . ch01 pg01 .

dualism . aro . ace

Set in a world where every person is born with a kill limit. Passing the limit means instant death or forever terminally suicidal. [Deaf rep]

. awaiting support .

nonconforming romanticism [ncr]

2 human serial killers moonlight as supernatural bounty hunters while navigating either a future together or a way to kill each other, whichever comes first. [dualism rep]

. awaiting support .

forgiveness . nonconforming rom

A mystery embodied priest roams around helping people forgive, especially if they need help accepting that "forgiving" isn't what will help them.

. deactivated .

ace . dualism

Rathe sees Earth as a playground for their kids, while Earth assumes Rathe is "hell". The audacity, since Earth came from Rathe. [ace rep]

. deactivated .

stud x stud . existentialism

A phampyre love story: no matter if working together or apart, either way has them working towards each other. [stud x stud rep]

. deactivated .

existentialism . dualism . ncr

Two cowboys and a native hunt for a prize that makes gold obsolete, "black gold". [black cowboy rep]

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