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UPDATE .|. fyd tales site + 'forgive this'

Hello all!

Thank you all for subscribing! Made some updates and, hopefully, improvements to the site (home page and comic sections), please check em out and let me know what ya think! is now so it can house multiple comics rather than just the one! The rejections that actually replied to my inquiry as to why, have said my brand doesn't fit theirs. So this is me putting my all into my own brand + giving folk a way to really see what I'm about so they can better decide to support! I've narrowed down the "active" comics to just 4, to better accommodate the seasonal comic plan once enough Benefit members join!

A new Series have been made active as well!

A mystery embodied priest roams around helping people forgive, especially if they need help accepting that "forgiving" isn't what will help them.

A comic that explores different kinds of "forgiveness", particularly NON-forgiveness, and how that's okay too. Forgiving someone doesn't make one a good or better person, and no one should feel it's their responsibility to do so, and definitely shouldn't feel bad because they can't.

I'll start the profiles after I get 'rich ethan' and 'ipityme' off my chest.

A short peak of what will be in 'Forgive this': twins, monster boyfriends, mystery backstories.

OH, and one last clue: They ain't no christian/catholic priest. I bet that's what ya thought huh? HUH!?

So sorry it's been a while since a comic update! I'm in dire straits financially at the moment, and personal time only barely have room for profiles and illustrations, so comic time is much harder to carve out. Benefiters have helped, but much more support is needed in order to make time for actual comics! If you'd like to see comics come faster, please consider supporting by becoming a benefiter, or directly to the comic you want to see!

Again, thank you for subscribing! I hope to update 'Delayed Reaction' and 'i.pity.mé' soon!

Hope ya kicking ass out there!



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