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The publishing subdivision of fydbac, llc: where all comics created by Jainai Jeffries is gathered for all to explore and be aware of.

All stories cater to the niche of: positive nihilism and dual existential moralism, all told through black qpoc niggas.

With 20+ ideas to share, I hope to tackle them all in time. Considering the target audience, the likelihood of any getting picked up is slim. So rather than wait for someone to catch up and believe in me, I'll continue believing in myself by consolidating my comics under my own publishing house.

This site is to house the stories that are closest to an ACTIVE status I can manage, and the one's that'll be a part of the seasonal rotation once Benefit membership becomes viable.

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  • Believe in more than one? Please join the Benefit program!

  • A publisher and interested in having me pitch for your line up? Feel free to message to inquire!

. All works, stories, characters, are created and owned by fydbac, llc .

!! Benefit members stay a minimum 5pgs ahead on ALL comics + access to the full list of future comic ideas [all © fydbac,llc]!!

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This comic is adult themed. Any Triggers? Possibly. Just assume you might run into some shit. 

This comic is for my own sanity: Anything I want in it, for whatever reason, will be put into it as I see fit. Got issues, and still want to read? Great! Got issues, read my shit, and bitch to me about it instead of closing the fucking browser? I may curse your punk ass out: As enough warning has been given.

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