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All stories cater to the niche of: positive nihilism and dual existential moralism, all told through black qpoc niggas.


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Follows Hara as his life ending plans are interrupted by walking embodiments of the worlds emotions, Epi, and their drama. All the while, 1 friend tries to steer him away from such thoughts, while another friend accepts it as his truth and encourages him to do what he feels is best.

. erratic .| updates

status . chapter 02 .

existentialism . dualism

Set in a world where people are born with a kill limit. This is how an Unlimiter who've never killed and a serial Killer who can't kill, come together and make waves. Tupaq is said Unlimiter, and is procrastinating on a world changing mission. Makivelli is a Serial Killer who can't kill cause he has a corrupted kill limit that changes every time he wakes from consciousness: and became the leading Hematologist so he can try and cure himself.

. SLOW .| updates

status . ch01 pg01 .

dualism . aro . ace

After somehow failing to kill each other, "Rich" and "Eitan" found themselves in a dynamic they can't explain: so they hunt supernaturals for money, and serial kill humans to pass the time while they figure out if they're enemies, friends, lovers, or all the above.

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nonconforming romanticism [ncr]

Sometimes NOT forgiving is more healthy than forgiveness: and Deus is on a journey on how true that may be.

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forgiveness . nonconforming rom

Cifer is a Psychiatrist. His assistant is his. And his brother is a love sick asshole seemingly stuck in the human world and needs his help. He hasn't been there since he convinced those dumbasses a "Lucifer" character existed. His brother lucky his kids love their uncle and he sees him more as actual friend than a brother.

. needs support .

. deactivated .

ace . dualism

A love story between two Studs, who're are phampyres assigned to advise different shifter kingdoms (wolf and lion respectively), with one of them secretly aiming to start a war.

. needs support .

. deactivated .

stud x stud . existentialism

Love Nation (black cowboy), Amor Nacion (mexican revolutionary), and Foreal (native american), hunt for the famed black gold treasure in a fantasy fueled world of wild west 1880's.

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. deactivated .

existentialism . dualism . ncr

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. pg 4 in progress .

A gangbanger attempts to seduce a black russian mobster, but is interrupted. It'll be 3 years before the russian can react to said attempt.

delayed reaction

17 pgs . planned


. pg 3 in progress .

Brock starts his part time job, and Venom "endures" it.

part time

15 pgs . planned


. awaiting support .

2 studs and 2 black femmes loving hard.

love hard

?? pgs.


. awaiting support .

A blind gangboss tries to win back the love of her life, who's deaf and in denial about who she is.

def bonded

20 pgs . planned


. pg 1 in progress .

. undecided .

storm x blk p

?? pgs.




In a all girl witch highschool, a deaf (cis) witch has a crush on a blind black (trans) witch.

def together

13 pgs.

PG .|



Ulupoka hates to lose to anyone, but Nicor know he alone is the one exception.

double dog dare

15 pgs.




Hannibal and Will play their game of tag after the series end.

you're it

10 pgs.

R .|



31 horror cock concept designs. 4 of which are mini stories connected to entries in Horror Portrait vol.1.

Horror cock vol.1

31 cocks




What happens when you are in the porn theater business and have last minute actor replacements for a private show.

earning tip . ych comic 01

6 pgs.




31 original horror portraits + mini stories. 4 of which are mini stories connected to entries in Horror Cock vol.1. This physical book has a special comic preview in the rear.

Horror portrait vol.1

31 portraits + horror stories



. 2 preview pages .

A killer and A supernatural human eater meet in a group camping trip.

187 notches

2 chapters . planned



These comic are adult themed. Any Triggers? Possibly. Just assume you might run into some shit. 

All my stories are made as myself being the target audience. So no one in the world as any right to bitch to me about anything when they can just click off and not support me. 

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