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The self publishing of fydbac, llc. Here is where folk can explore the various comics by Jainai [fydbac] and be seduced into sponsoring them directly in order for them to be completed sooner, or by joining the benefit program!

All stories cater to the niche of: positive nihilism and dual existential moralism, all told through black qpoc niggas.


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existentialism . dualism

dualism . aro . ace

nonconforming romanticism [ncr]

forgiveness . nonconforming rom

ace . dualism

stud x stud . existentialism

existentialism . dualism . ncr

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delayed reaction

17 pgs . planned


part time

15 pgs . planned


love hard

?? pgs.


def bonded

20 pgs . planned


storm x blk p

?? pgs.



def together

13 pgs.

PG .|


double dog dare

15 pgs.



you're it

10 pgs.

R .|


Horror cock vol.1

31 cocks



earning tip . ych comic 01

6 pgs.



These comic are adult themed. Any Triggers? Possibly. Just assume you might run into some shit. 

All my stories are made as myself being the target audience. So no one in the world as any right to bitch to me about anything when they can just click off and not support me. 

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